There is a serious crisis in the criminal justice system. Changes have been made to reduce recidivism, but more changes are needed.

Sophie’s Violin

The Bali bombings destroyed real lives in October 2002. This is a fictional tale of the aftermath and its impact on a young woman’s life. At 18 years of age, Sophie was already an accomplished violinist. Will she ever play again?

Moon Over the Mediterranean

Moon Over the Mediterranean

Alexander, a conscientious objector in 1960s Holland, embarks on a lifetime adventure, travelling the hippie trail through Greece, India, Nepal, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Iran, Israel and beyond. He keeps his sketch pad at hand , always has a good book to enjoy and engages in deep philosophical discussions with fellow travellers, as well as falling in and out of love along the way.

Bubble and Squeak Australia

Bubble & Squeak – Australia

Gastronomic sensations cooked on the campfire, weird and whacky campers, swimming holes where there are no crocs or sharks to bother people and the favourite memories of travellers who visit our shores, Bubble & Squeak Australia is a larf-a-minute look at those lucky enough to pack up and hit the road.

GJ Maher