Creativity in prison does NOT mean how to develop ways to commit better crimes or how to get out. It CAN mean let’s be creative in our literary and artistic endeavours.

‘Segro’ reveals what life is like behind bars for prison inmates who don’t want to partake in drug taking, in planning their next crime or learning how others performed theirs, but instead spend their time a little more wisely, putting pen to paper to write short stories, purchasing paints and brushes and becoming artists for the first time, or developing creative skills they already have. ‘Segro’ is a rather unusual look at life in prison. Many inmates become absorbed in body building, playing cards or just picking fights. Some inmates however use their time more wisely and start to paint or write for the first time in their lives. And sometimes their results are more than encouraging, they’re quite remarkable.

Who goes to jail? People who make mistakes, not necessarily bad people…

Publisher: Kindle Direct Publishing


Pages: 436


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GJ Maher